Monday, December 31, 2012

Google Glass - Finally to be released in 2013

I bet we have all been hearing about the computerized glasses that Google has been working on since a couple of years and have been patiently waiting to hear the news of it being available. Well, the time has come. After seeing the amazing prototypes of the Google glass during Google’s 2012 summer developer conference, Google began taking pre-orders to be shipped out in early 2013. Now is that news or what?

Yes, folks. We have finally stepped into a future that we always dreamt of. Though the “Google Glass: Explorer Edition,” the version of the hi-tech specs Google has promised to ship each cost a whopping $1,500 per pair, orders of which were restricted to those lucky attendees of the conference. Still we are quite close to have the glasses available for other users. And it would happen pretty soon.

To find out what all the fuss is about [Incase you are not aware of what Google Glass is all about], check out the videos below:

Live Demo:

Thursday, September 27, 2012

iPhone 5 - a deep review......:)

So the iPhone 5 is out and even though you won't find much innovation on the iPhone 5 as compared to the 4S, still enough to make sure it still sits on the top spot when it comes to Smartphones.

The most important in terms of looks, the iPhone 5 is thinner and lighter than the competitors, and it now features a 4-inch screen which is impressive. So It looks even better in your hands. The new 4-inch screen has a 1,136-640 pixel resolution which means you can view about anything on it. This is especially great for videos and games, but we have to deal with a lot of apps, Netflix and YouTube included, that have yet to update and take advantage of the additional screen space.So yes, it lacks there.

As far as the exterior is concerned, the iPhone 5 is as stylish as ever. The back plate now features coated aluminum similar to what you'll find on Mac computers. The finish looks great, but unfortunately, it's much more susceptible to scuffs than the iPhone 4S or 4 back plates were.

In terms of power, the new Apple A6 processor and the ability to connect to 4G LTE, it runs faster than ever. When you Google a query, it is amazing how quickly the phone will show you results. Even when you check the 3-D maps, the iPhone 5 quickly starts generating buildings. Yes, it is fast and like I said it looks good too.

Ok, so the iPhone 5's comes with two new cameras [same as 4S], the rear camera now takes quicker pics and shoots much better in low light, but the most impressive upgrade comes with the front camera, which now shoots in 720p HD. Awesome isn't it? Photos and videos shot with the front camera are so much improved, that you'll likely be using it for more than just video calls like maybe clicking pics with your girlfriend.

As you've likely heard, Apple has ditched Google for its Maps app. That, in turn, has resulted in less accurate maps and information than was previously available. Worse, though, is the fact that Maps will no longer give you public transportation information unless you pay for a third-party app. Sucks big time....:(

The other major change and a very very important one is on the Lightning, its new, smaller connector. The Lightning is about one-fourth the size of its predecessor and can be attached whether it is face down or up, meaning you'll never again have that experience in which you try plugging the cable in but it's upside down. This sounds really nice, doesn't it?

So for all the Apple fans, this is still going to rock and that's all the iPhone 5 is all about.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The amazing Machine..........:)

Well, It's a communication based on the functions ON and OFF.

In this special case the user pushes the ON button or opens the box by pressing the button. After a while the little lid of the trunk opens and that's when a hand comes out and turns off the machine or pushes the button that the user pressed and thus the trunk closes - that's it! isn't it??

The ultimate "Future Cook"....

Today is the era of induction cookers which make the kitchen look neat and clean and get the job done quickly but well, these just let you cook. That's it.

In near future, you would have be able to buy "Future Cook".

The amazing Future Cook is a different beast altogether. This is an interactive kitchen counter, with built in induction hobs, food processor and washing area so it basically has everything. The Future Cook will even show you nutritional information on the food that you're cooking, and even recipes that you can follow for that tasty food. So who would need a whole kitchen with a whole lot of space for everything when you have "Future Cook"......

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Logitech K310 - the keyboard for the clumsy users.....


Here comes the news that matters to millions of PC users around the world. There have been a lot of times when we had to clean the keyboard because we spilled something on it or had chips all over it. Yes, it had been a real mess and it was so hard to clean it that we spend the whole day with no success whatsoever. Well, don't worry the science has done it again and made that so much simpler.

Logitech today unveiled its new PC keyboard -- "the Logitech Washable Keyboard K310" -- that could change the life of all the clumsy PC users.

The K310, which Logitech says can tolerate anything and can be washed multiple times and can be submerged in up to 11 inches of water, and then left out to dry.

Now isn't that the most awesome thing that we have all heard this year? Well, not quite. This keyboard will be available in the markets this month for $39.99. Now this is Awesome.......:)

Monday, August 13, 2012

Samsung Galaxy SIII vs iPhone 4s in a Drag Race Scratch Test.......Awesome and crazy

We all know that the Samsung Galaxy SIII beats iPhone 4s on scratch and drop tests, but what happens when both phones get dragged by a car? check the video above and find out what happens......................

Monday, August 6, 2012

Supersonic freefall: The amazing 37-km jump..........

Sometime this summer, Austrian skydiver Felix Baumgartner will leap from the edge of space, attempting to not only break the sound barrier with his body, but also break the record for the longest freefall. As no one has successfully jumped from this height before, it’s uncertain what the highest supersonic freefall in history will look or feel like. This animated video put out by the Red Bull Stratos team provides a sense of what to expect during the attempt.

“After years of training with my team of dedicated Red Bull Stratos experts, I’ll be going on a journey that no one has ever done,” Baumgartner told Universe Today in 2010 in an email message. “If I succeed, I will be the first person to break the sound barrier, alone. That will be a record for all eternity. As such, a piece of me will become immortal. That excites me.”

42-year-old Baumgartner is hoping to jump from nearly 37 km (23 miles, 120,000 feet) to break the current jump record held by Joe Kittinger a retired Air Force officer, who jumped from 31,500 meters (31.5 km, 19.5 miles, 102,000 ft) in 1960. Now 83, Kittinger is assisting Baumgartner in preparations for the jump.

There have been several attempts to surpass Kittinger’s record, but none have succeeded, and people have given their lives for the quest. Kittinger’s jump contributed valuable data that provided ground work for spacesuit technology and knowledge about human physiology for the US space program.

If Baumgartner is successful, the Red Bull Stratos mission will break four world records: the altitude record for freefall, the distance record for longest freefall, the speed record for fastest freefall by breaking the speed of sound with the human body, and the altitude record for the highest manned balloon flight.

How fast will Baumgarter need to go to beat the speed of sound? Sound travels at different speeds through the atmosphere (as well as through different mediums), depending on atmospheric density and temperature. For example, at sea level, in average conditions of about 15 degrees C (59 degrees F), sound travels at around 1,223 kph (760 mph). But at higher altitudes, where the air is colder, sound travels more slowly. Researchers with the Red Bull Stratos mission anticipate Baumgartner could break the sound barrier at about 30,480 meters (100,000 feet) above sea level, in temperatures of -23 to -40 C (-10 to -40 F) where sound travels at about 1,110 kph (690 mph) or roughly 304 meters per second (1,000 feet per second). 

So, he’ll have to go faster than those speeds – or Mach 1 — to be supersonic.

And the human body isn’t designed for supersonic speeds.“Our biggest concern is that we don’t know how a human unencumbered by aircraft is going to transition through this,” said the project’s Medical Director Dr. Jonathan Clark, a flight surgeon for six space shuttle missions (and husband of astonaut Laurel Clark who died in the Columbia disaster in 2003), who has researched numerous aerospace disasters. “But it’s also exactly what we’re hoping to learn, for the benefit of future space flights.”

Documents provided by the Red Bull Stratos mission say that the data obtained from the mission will be shared with the scientific community, and Clark noted that he expects long-awaited medical protocols to be established as a result.

A live webcast of the Red Bull Stratos freefall will air on the Red Bull Stratos website.............