Thursday, September 27, 2012

iPhone 5 - a deep review......:)

So the iPhone 5 is out and even though you won't find much innovation on the iPhone 5 as compared to the 4S, still enough to make sure it still sits on the top spot when it comes to Smartphones.

The most important in terms of looks, the iPhone 5 is thinner and lighter than the competitors, and it now features a 4-inch screen which is impressive. So It looks even better in your hands. The new 4-inch screen has a 1,136-640 pixel resolution which means you can view about anything on it. This is especially great for videos and games, but we have to deal with a lot of apps, Netflix and YouTube included, that have yet to update and take advantage of the additional screen space.So yes, it lacks there.

As far as the exterior is concerned, the iPhone 5 is as stylish as ever. The back plate now features coated aluminum similar to what you'll find on Mac computers. The finish looks great, but unfortunately, it's much more susceptible to scuffs than the iPhone 4S or 4 back plates were.

In terms of power, the new Apple A6 processor and the ability to connect to 4G LTE, it runs faster than ever. When you Google a query, it is amazing how quickly the phone will show you results. Even when you check the 3-D maps, the iPhone 5 quickly starts generating buildings. Yes, it is fast and like I said it looks good too.

Ok, so the iPhone 5's comes with two new cameras [same as 4S], the rear camera now takes quicker pics and shoots much better in low light, but the most impressive upgrade comes with the front camera, which now shoots in 720p HD. Awesome isn't it? Photos and videos shot with the front camera are so much improved, that you'll likely be using it for more than just video calls like maybe clicking pics with your girlfriend.

As you've likely heard, Apple has ditched Google for its Maps app. That, in turn, has resulted in less accurate maps and information than was previously available. Worse, though, is the fact that Maps will no longer give you public transportation information unless you pay for a third-party app. Sucks big time....:(

The other major change and a very very important one is on the Lightning, its new, smaller connector. The Lightning is about one-fourth the size of its predecessor and can be attached whether it is face down or up, meaning you'll never again have that experience in which you try plugging the cable in but it's upside down. This sounds really nice, doesn't it?

So for all the Apple fans, this is still going to rock and that's all the iPhone 5 is all about.