Thursday, July 26, 2012

Angry Birds on Samsung TV.............


It has been a few weeks since we first got the news about Angry Birds coming to Samsung’s Smart TVs, and now it has been revealed that one of the most popular games in the world is now available on select models.
Yes, this is true. Angry Birds has been revamped to work with Samsung’s Smart Interaction feature, which means that the user will sling birds without using a remote control or touch interface, as the game is entirely gesture-controlled.

For now the game will work on Samsung’s 2012 LED 7500 Smart TV and up, along with the Plasma 8000 models.

Incase you already own any of the models [LED 7500 (or ups) or the Plasma 8000], then you can just download the Angry Birds app for free from Samsung’s Smart Hub. And if you would like to experience the amazing Angry Birds on the 75-inch ES9000 LED Smart 3D TV that Samsung’s just recently debuted, which packs Angry Birds right on the device, it’s expected to be out in the markets in August starting $9,999................This is awesome news.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Super cool "Garbage Can"............:)

This happens to each and everyone of us: you throw a piece of trash at a nearby waste basket and it tosses off the edge and forces you to make that shameful walk to go pick it up and drop it in carefully. Doesn't it?

You only have your own hand-eye coordination skills to blame, but think about it, shouldn't it be the job of the garbage canto collect trash? That certainly seems to be the thought process that led one Japanese inventor to construct a smart trash can that tracks garbage tossed in its general direction and then moves across the floor to catch it.

The "Smart Trashbox" has been created by a modder known as FRP, who custom designed and built almost every component. A concealed wheel base on the bottom gives it a full range of motion, while a Kinect sensor - the go-to device for modders these days - mounted in the room tracks moving objects. The sensor monitors any thing/garbage flying across the room, calculates where it will land, and instantly transmits the data to the waste basket. The final result is that the smart trashbox appears to glide quickly over the floor as it chases after any wayward garbage and catches it.

Right now, FRP is still working on improving the accuracy of the garbage-seeking device, but plans to patent it and possibly bring it to market for consumers. Hopefully this is just one step closer to the robotic garbage cans that sci-fi movies have been promising for years...:)

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Amazing Aerogel: Look like glass, Stronger than Steel & as Light as Air

Even though it has incredibly low density, "Aerogel" is one of the most powerful man-made materials on the planet. It can support thousands times of its own weight, block intense heat, cold and sound – still it is about 1,000 times less dense than glass, looks nearly as transparent and is composed of %99.8 air. The lowest-density silica-based aerogels are even lighter than air. [No kiddin]aerogel-amazing-weight-properties
Despite its fragility in certain regards and its incredible lack of density, aerogel has amazing thermal, acoustical and electrical insulation properties as illustrated by the images here. A single one-pound block can also support half a ton of weight. NASA is continuously searching for new space-based applications to use this incredible material.
An aerogel window one inch thick has the effective insulative capacity of a ten-inch thick glass window system. While it is still expensive and has other limitations, this material – originally developed nearly a century ago but still undergoing experimentation – could prove to be one of the most influential materials of the 21st Century.

Aside from its other capabilities, aerogel also has amazing absorbing abilities. Some speculate it could be the future solution to oil spills. It is also being tested as a possible slow-release drug deliver system for potential human patients............Awesome isn't it???

Friday, July 6, 2012

Intel Xolo X900 is finally here............

Finally Intel comes up with its first Android Smartphone, stepping in the most competitive market on this century "The Mobile Market". The phone is named Xolo X900. Though Intel is a late-comer to the smartphone market, the Medfield powered Xolo X900 launched in collaboration with Indian mobile manufacturer Lava is pretty impressive. With aggressive marketing strategies, Intel hopes to make big bucks with this smartphone.


It is powered by Intel's 1.6 GHz Intel Atom processor with Hyper Threading and a 400 MHz graphic core. It also packs in 1 GB RAM and 16 GB internal memory which is ofcourse expandable. Packed inside a sleek and nice looking unibody casing, the design has a little bit resemblance to the iPhone. Although built of plastic, it sports a rubberised finish on the rear which makes it easier to grip the phone.
It features a 4.03" TFT-LCD capacitive touch display under a Gorilla Glass screen and with a high resolution of 1024x600 thus enabling it to deliver amazing clarity. And as testes the display is pretty good under bright sunlight.
For its part, the Atom performs as it should and manages to run most applications smoothly with no noticeable lag. Intel claims the X900 is among the very few smartphones that can decode 1080p Full HD videos at 60fps (frames per second) due to the Atom.
So I'm sure Intel can expect pretty good results with its first phone and hopefully with the phones that it launches in near future. The one thing that it needs to work on is making all android apps work on its phones. As most of the apps are designed to run to the ARM processors, there are some issues with these apps running on a different Intel Atom processor. But still you would access to thousands of other apps that are working well without any noticeable lag. 

In all, a great phone has stepped in the smartphones market and looks pretty promising too.