Friday, June 20, 2014

Is The New Curved TV Worth Purchasing?

There was a time when the curved TV ruled the market, back when our lounge rooms were dominated by bulky cathode ray tube boxes. A sudden change in the technology brought everything flat with plasma and LCD panels. However, the Curve is making a comeback, as Samsung has announced a range of curved which is expected to slide into stores over the next couple of months.

These Curved TVs bring along the following features:

  • Improved immersion: Being one of the major advantages, this feature fetch you the ‘wrap around’ world of watching. By curving the image slightly forward, Samsung make you enter into the peripheral vision and thus, you feel the depth of the world you’re watching.
  • Sense of 'depth' is enhanced: Reactions from the people have concluded that the curved screen gives the glance of 3D, even when the source is only 2D. Curving the edges of the image inwards enhances the visual perception and makes you feel as if you are watching a wider image as compared to your flat screens.
  • Better Contrast: It is one of the interesting features that significantly attract the potential buyers. The curved screens focus the light coming from the screen directly to your eyes. Hence, the curved TVs truly excel in terms of contrast especially, when compared to the flat ones.

If you’re looking for a new TV, Samsung has plenty of options to offer you. Defying the conventional flat TV screens, the picture quality goes higher with the Samsung’s new series. It surely proves to be the next generations TV!

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