Thursday, October 16, 2014

Android Lollipop.....The new generation Android

So finally Google unveiled the Android Lollipop [5.0] earlier known as Android L. And it is definitely something to look forward to. A lot of exciting improvements to the KitKat have been made and is a step forward to making the smartphone experience even better. So are you curious about what's in store for you in the new OS? Let's find out.

1) Material Design: The design is meant to look both flat and 3D, as if you're looking at paper that exists on a z-axis as well as the x and y which is a completely different experience when compared to the standard Android design we are accustomed to.

Material Design reflects this with clean, bold lines and colors that transform and alter with fun animations. At its best it lets you sense the depth behind the interface, even when it's at rest and appears flat.

These changes cover everything from app icons, fonts and interfaces to simple elements like the new navigation buttons and notification bar icons, and once you get past the changes you'll likely agree that most things look better and exciting now.

2) Notification: The one major update/change that makes it the best from the lot is the way it shows notifications to the users.The OS's lockscreen is no longer a static barrier you have to get through before you can get to the notifications, but instead in Lollipop you can see what notifications you've received and what's going on with your apps and contacts as soon as you pick it up, before you even unlock your device - and you can even respond to messages from the lockscreen. Now that's superb :)

Lollipop's quick settings bar also has new options that KitKat desperately needed, like easy buttons for flashlight, hotspots, and screen casting. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and location options have been expanded here as well.

3) Connectivity: As per Google, Lollipop is better in communicating with the apps as well as in terms of connectivity through bluetooth and Wi-Fi specifically when it comes to devices like android wear smartwatches and tablets.

4) Performance: Google says Android 5.0 is way more power-efficient over its predecessors, with the same phones getting significantly more battery juice out of Lollipop than they did with KitKat. Well I hope it does, don't you?

Multitasking has also been updated with the ability to have multiple cards for the same apps open at a time, letting you have more than one document or website next to one another, for example. It's also easier to switch keyboards now too, and Android Lollipop even supports RAW images. What more do we need?

Well this is just the beginning, there is a lot more when it comes to user experience and you will be able to feel the difference when you start using it. Most of the new smartphones will get the update soon, for the rest only time will tell.

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